Senior Software Engineer - Platform Hashgraph

Swirlds Labs

Swirlds Labs

Software Engineering
United States · Remote
Posted on Thursday, November 9, 2023

About Swirlds Labs:

We are a fast-growing company built around a revolutionary technology — the hashgraph consensus algorithm. Hedera Hashgraph is well-suited to become the world’s first mass-adopted distributed public ledger because it is blazing fast, highly secure, and ensures fairness. We are on a mission to create a trusted and empowered digital future for everyone; a cyberspace where you work, play, buy, sell, create, and engage socially; where you have safety and privacy in your digital communities; where you feel confident when interacting with others; where you own and control your information. Join us and say, “Hello future.”


Do you want to be a data wizard? Have you the desire to slaughter hoards of nameless byzantine monsters using the raw, primal power of discrete math? Do you have the guts to stare into the cold void of the asynchronous abyss and shout, “Do your worst!“?

About the role:

But seriously, as a member of the Platform Hashgraph team, you are a master of algorithms and data structures. You are responsible for the core algorithms that make the Hedera ledger the fastest, most secure, and most efficient option out there today: gossip, consensus, state integrity verification, etc. The hashgraph team continually adds features that deliver for Hedera and the community, while increasing scalability, reliability, and decreasing time to finality.

You may find yourself doing all of the following:

  • Developing, reviewing, and testing algorithms
  • Identifying and eliminating bottlenecks
  • Feature design, implementation, testing, and documentation

Qualification Requirements:

  • Superior ability to create, analyze, and improve algorithms
  • Data structures
  • Java concurrency
  • Strong problem solving and reasoning skills
  • Strong communication skills

Other skills that are great to bring with you but that we can help you develop:

  • Blockchain technology or DLT
  • Distributed systems
  • Task based architecture
  • Networking
  • Discrete mathematics