Campus M1/M2 Quantitative Researcher (Intern)

Jump Crypto

Jump Crypto

Posted on Saturday, August 26, 2023

Quant Research / Algorithmic Trading (M1/M2 Research Internship)

About the Role:

We build predictive models from big data and develop algorithms to automatically execute trades in dozens of financial exchanges around the world.

At Jump you will have the opportunity to contribute in a blend of three roles – quant researcher / data scientist, trader, and software developer – based on your incoming skills and background, interest and curiosity, and the new skills and industry knowledge that you will learn at Jump.

As an M1/M2 research intern, you’ll first undertake an intensive research project, during which time you’ll work closely with a mentor from one of our trading teams. Possible research topics are varied and can be tailored to suit specific interests or academic requirements.

Then, you enter into a hands-on training program focused on enhancing your knowledge of trading, programming, and quantitative analysis. The training consists of in-house courses and trading simulation developed and delivered by our own experienced researchers, traders, and developers. Topics include Machine Learning, trading / market mechanics, C++, statistics, and our research process for signal generation

Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to rotate and work with several trading teams . During each rotation you’ll work on a project with the trading team while being mentored by experienced quant researchers, traders, and developers. Other duties as assigned or needed.

Who Should Apply?

This program is specifically designed for students from French schools that require the completion of the M1/M2 research internship (e.g. Ecole Polytechnique).

Ideal candidates have an uncommon drive to learn and improve, an entrepreneurial spirit, and strong skills in programming and/or quantitative analysis (statistics, data mining, mathematics, machine learning, etc.).

No prior knowledge of finance or trading is necessary. We’ll give you the training that you’ll need. Reliable and predictable availability required.

Although we strongly value training in Computer Science and Mathematics, we are excited to meet people with exceptional achievements in any technical discipline. Recent hires include students from fields such as Electrical Engineering, Statistics, Physics, Neuroscience, Materials Science, Operations Research, and more.

If you have outstanding skills in math and programming and you are curious about the challenge of improving research with daily feedback from competitive markets, we hope you’ll apply.