Security Operations Engineer

Exodus Communications

Exodus Communications

Posted on Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Exodus is looking for a Security Operations Engineer who is passionate about finding and neutralizing infrastructure threats. Your role will be to establish the tools and visibility required to prevent malicious abuse to our operating environment. We are looking for a person who is passionate about learning what we don’t know and responding to it in order to prevent malicious activity from damaging the organization.

What You Will Do

  • Create incident response runbooks and similar processes and procedures for the use of the security team. Test and perfect the runbook via internal testing processes.
  • Implementation of a system to perform “day to day” security operations and procedures.
  • Participate and report on demonstrative scenario based attack simulation to help build metrics to evaluate and track our ability to respond to real-world attack scenarios.
  • Build a system of processes and procedures for tracking scenario based attack simulations and their coverage to improve our defensive strategies.
  • Delivery of attack scenario reports on a monthly cadence, created in conjunction with Red team resources with recommendations on solutions.
  • Delivery of runbooks or incident response plans for dealing with security incidents.
  • Extend our tooling beyond our paid for solutions to resolve any gaps in its coverage or provide comprehensive plans to do so.

Who You Are

  • A proactive ability to take control of a situation when necessary - when encountering urgent situations that require immediate action - understanding what steps to take and having the ability to confidently take them without prompting from others.
  • Well-prepared with tools and runbooks at hand, ensuring readiness for handling potential security events swiftly and effectively.
  • Demonstrate situational awareness, knowing when to escalate security incidents to appropriate team members.
  • Experience as part of a blue team / SOC in the past - preferably using a SIEM or similar security tools.
  • Experience with Linux System Administration, Kubernetes, or other containerization technologies.
  • In-depth understanding of attack scenarios and their stages, enabling effective threat detection and response.
  • Experience or detailed knowledge of typical hacking tools and hacking techniques.
  • Proficient in automation and orchestration technologies and scripting languages to streamline security operations.

A Plus

  • Ability to level peers up by delivering high quality results, actionable insights, and communicating concisely.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to improving team efficiency, fostering collaboration, and operating cohesively as a single unit.

About Exodus

Exodus is a multi-asset cryptocurrency wallet with a built-in exchange feature. We started our movement in 2015 and have been a distributed team since then . Our mission is to help half of the world exit the traditional financial system and move into the crypto financial system by the year 2030. To do that we want to make sure we hire the best of the best: people who are intrinsically motivated by what we are trying to achieve and who love what they do professionally.

What We Offer

  • Freedom to work wherever you want, whenever you want.
  • Building the future. Cryptocurrencies lay the foundation to the internet of value, the next major wave in application technology and personal finance.
  • Collaborative and feedback-driven culture.
  • Opportunity to grow.
  • Fair pay, no matter where you live along with a competitive benefits package.
  • 100% pay in Bitcoin with a buffer to account for price changes and exchange fees.
  • All the tools you need to do the job


Health: Most of our health insurance plans are covered 100% for you and covered 50% for your dependents. We’ll also cover dental insurance. If you are outside of the United States, we will reimburse you up to $500 per month for any medical and dental insurance for you and your dependents.

PTO: 30 days of paid time off per year on top of a flexible schedule where you can work wherever and whenever. If you’re part-time with us, you’ll still receive 15 days of paid time off.

Unlimited Bereavement: We will pay you your full salary for the first two weeks for the loss of any immediate family members but we allow you to take all the time you need to grieve outside of that.

Parental Leave: 13 weeks of fully paid leave with and a month of flexible work for the primary caregiver.

Tax Help: Getting paid in Bitcoin new to you? Don’t worry! We will reimburse you for speaking with a professional tax specialist in your state/country to make sure everything is taken care of.

Perks: Exodus offers a variety of seasonal perks such as coverage for gym memberships and therapy. We also offer quarterly Wellness Days! We want to make sure all of our employees know they are our priority and give back for your hard work often.

Our Hiring Process

Our hiring process consists of several different stages.

Recruiter Interview: If we like your initial application, expect to schedule an interview with a member of our recruitment team. This interview will focus on getting to know you a bit more and will focus on explaining the culture of the company. We want to know more about why you want to join our team, how you feel about our mission and cryptocurrency now and how it fits into your overall career plan to make sure this is the right place for you.

Assessments: Not every role consists of an assessment but if yours does it will be directly related to the job you apply for.

Interview with your future manager: This is to make sure that you are a fit for the role you are applying to and to explore your career history. In this interview, we’ll learn more about the hard and soft skills you possess to help determine if you’d be a good fit for us.

Interview(s) with your future colleagues: We call these focus interviews and they are a time for you to learn more about your role from someone you will closely collaborate with. It’s also a time for us to see how we align in terms of competencies and expected outcomes of the role.

Executive Behavioral Interview: For our management roles, we take some more time before the end of the process to better get to know you and how well you align with our core values. Expect this call if you will be leading a team.

Pay Transparency Notice: Salary and all other total compensation information (bonus eligibility, benefits, and equity) will be discussed in detail during the hiring process.
Salary Range
$95,000$120,000 USD